Crepe for Candlemas!

Let’s follow the little Babaji venturing into jungle to discover the mysterious origin of ghee…

Babaji in english bis.png

This story was first telled by Helen Bannerman around 1920 with this problematic title: The story of little Black Sambo…


As this English woman wasn’t a very gifted drawer, the story of this little Indian boy meeting tigers into jungle looks like it takes place in Africa!

Fortunately, many other versions since this first edition show an Indian boy with Indian parents venturing into Indian jungle and meeting Indian tigers..


Aunty read this story to her kids thousands times! Please read it to children’s you know!

You will learn the origin of ghee which Mamaji uses for baking a pile of crepes.

After telling this story, you can have a look to the recipe of TIGER CREPES



download the TIGER THAUMATROP to play with your kids! (online for Mardi Gras!)

and the TIGER MASK


You can get different editions of Babaji with different illustrations here

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