Indian Cinemas (research group)

This research group created by Charles Tesson, Térésa Faucon and Amandine d’Azevedo (Université Sorbonne nouvelle-Paris 3-IRCAV) will focus on the study of film forms in Indian cinemas. We intend to develop a different approach from contemporary researches (international as French) devoted to socio-cultural or economic studies : the expecting originality of the articulation between aesthetic and history of film forms. Our group will bring together searchers, scholars, creators and professionals to think about our different approaches and start a new joint reflection. The corpus will be vast from silent area to golden age and to contemporary cinema: the last productions for which we will appreciate more or less westernized influences, the so-called « Bollywood », regional productions independent and popular, and animated cinema claiming its originality after many years of subcontracting. Besides, we will pay attention to the contemporary art scene (especially video art and photography) which is more and more open to cinema, and vice-versa.

Les Cinémas indiens

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